Happiness is a Sweet Dream

The following is a break from the norm. A game related article will be posted within the next week. So keep your eyes peeled!

As a result of my previous semester’s coursework, I have been writing stories of one sort or another. The following the is result of my random motivation. Charisma, it should be pointed out, is my character in the 3 Barons Renaissance Fair.

 Friends and Courtiers dear, I did have the most amazing dream upon the night past. The baroness was not in my dream, howe’er I was pleasantly surprised to note that she was, instead, not in existence.

In this dream, I was tending to the duties my Lord hath given me with my usual vigor and expedience. One of my duties being somewhat novel in nature, for I was to seek out Mistress Rosemary Larkspur.

Ne’er before had my Baron sent me on such a task, she being one who uses her skills to address wounds and inflictions experienced by the Iron Wolves. Howe’er, I did do as asked, and upon arriving in the mistresses… domain… did find the most awe-inspiring carnation upon her wall. The color was of the deepest purple, having teal edges protecting the beautiful flower’s integrity. As I inquired as to the purpose for my arrival at the most unusual shop, Mistress Rosemary did claim the flower from the wall and hand it to me, the stem of which was fashioned with the most fetching black ribbon I’d ever seen. Tied into which was a silver ring of the most exquisite composition. She did warn me that this was an incredibly important ring, and that the baron awaited it most impatiently. “The Baron, it would appear, is about to provide the Glades with a new baroness. And, in my opinion, it is about time. It’s almost as though he was waiting for LOVE or some such nonsense. Fair thee well!” With those words, she returned her attentions to the vile smelling concoction upon the table in front of her.

Having several other duties to perform, which my Lord had explained were of immense import, I did continue upon my way, contemplating the words which the Mistress had spoken. Surely, as my Baron’s most trusted servant, I would know if he had found a baroness. Surely, I, as his Steward, would know of the preparations, having likely overseen them myself, would be aware of coming nuptials. Mayhap the Baron had finally seen through the thinly veiled attempts at hiding my deep and consuming love for him. The more I thought on the picturesque flower in my pouch, the more I despised it. For I was not ready to bow to another “love”, just because Victor thought it of benefit to his station or wealth. Admittedly, my step did slow upon the intrusion of these disparaging thoughts, and yet somehow I found myself approaching the Baron’s Chamber Council room, dreading the inhabitants therein; their ridiculous grins and congratulations which would provide the fodder for hours of tears that were inevitably in my immediate future.
As I approached, the LeGuard brothers greeted me most kindly. Smiles upon their faces betrayed a secret which I had yet to be privy to. This disconcerted me greatly, as I am typically the purveyor of such knowledge while still in its infancy. Still, I pushed through the doors which were opened for me. Before the doors were opened completely, Lady Aibhlinn greeted me with a hug and proceeded to knowingly ask for the flower. My relief was, I am confident, visible upon my visage. The ring was for Aibhlinn. How could I be so foolish. Victor would never marry for love. I, better than anyone, should know that, and it might be added, would do well to keep it under advisement for the good of my sanity. Aibhlinn beckoned for me to join her near my usual place at the council table, and I did follow accordingly. As I approached, my Baron stood and smiled at me. Such things were not done outside his quarters, and certainly not in front of the council chamber. Mayhap he was ill.

“Charisma, approach me.”

“As thou wishest, my Lord.”

“I see that you did see to the errand I sent thee on. What kept thee? Thou wast given this task nigh unto an hour ago, and thou art only now returning. Explain thyself.” His voice was gruff, but he did not wear the hardened expression most often accompanying this tone.

“My Baron, thou didst also give me duties which thou didst say were of the utmost urgency, and, as the direness of this task was communicated by Mistress Larkspur, I supposed it more appropriate to see to the tasks that thou didst order quickly done. Please forgive my confusion, my Lord.”

“Hmm.. Yes. Well played, Charisma.” Then, looking to his beloved daughter, ordered, “Aibhlinn, come here, darling.” Aibhlinn complied and handed my Lord the flower. As she did so, a loud noise filled the council hall. Startled, I looked to the other council members, to find they were standing and beginning to lower into a bow… In my direction. I turned to my Baron for clarification, for I was understandably unable to comprehend what was happening. As I did, I noticed him loosing the tie on the flower.

“Papa, may I keep the flower? It is so lovely. I wish to dry it and preserve its beauty. Please, Papa? Please?!”

“That, shall be up to Charisma, my dear. For it belongs to her.” As he spoke, he slid the impressive silver ring off the ribbon, and took my hand in his. He slipped the ring onto my finger. “Thanks, in no small part to your constant dissertations on the importance of marrying for love, I have come to appreciate the value in it, and have decided to do so. I trust you have no objections to becoming my wife.”

From somewhere in the distance, I heard the Chamberlain shout, “Hip hip!” and the response filled the room and echoed in mine ears. It was in this instance that an overwhelming wave of emotion so intense I was scarcely able to breath, did wash completely over my body, and I did stumble, cursing my suddenly weak knees. My betrothed did take me in his arms, kiss me furiously, the call for the LeGuard brothers, ordering them to accompany me to his quarters. A flurry of orders were dispersed which were presumably in preparation for the upcoming wedding. I, howe’er was unable to comprehend them, as my brain was busy trying to calm my heart in order to preserve my precious consciousness. Seeming to fail in it’s task, I felt my head go dizzy, heard a LeGuard brother, Codell I believe, call out my name, and everything went black.

As in all of the most bittersweet dreams, it was in the instance before by complete happiness was realized that I did awaken.

I can say that there is nothing this day, that nearly satisfies my happiness in comparison to the happiness I did feel upon the eve last. And the sadness that accompanies the realization that I shall ne’er experience this happiness.