Author’s Corner

This blog is a dedicated space for me to research, review, muse, and converse with others about a few of my favorite things: psychology and gaming. I am something of a fangirl when it comes to the positive effects of media (e.g., gaming, music, theatre, etc.) but I’m also a thinker, so I do a lot of research reviews here too. I like to understand how people came to their conclusions and whether those conclusions are legitimately empirical. Of course, I write about other related things such as augmented reality, theatre, music, digital and transmedia storytelling, immersion, books, and so on… suffice it to say I’m a nerd to the nth power.

I promise to never be closed minded, never tolerate flaming, and always be stoked to have conversations and get feedback! I also promise to provide links to all my favorite places, introduce you to like-minded others that make my life happier, and site my research like a good little media psych and social change masters degree candidate.


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