Media and Social Change; Personal Change

I’ve recently come to realize that the limited nature of what I would like to blog here, has made it rather difficult to blog consistently. As such, I’ve decided to broaden the spectrum of my posting. As part of my (continuing effort) to more consistently blog, I have decided that appropriate homework assignments from my classes (this semester that includes ‘Media and Social Change’ and ‘Foundations of Research’) will be posted as well.

The reasoning for this is two-fold: reviewing and recording reactions to new knowledge helps build retrieval paths, thus strengthening what I’m learning, and it means most posts to share with my friends.

Additionally, I have decided that my reactions to or reflections on various games, articles, etc., whether I am doing an actual review or not, may be appropriate. Much of the time, I want to say something about what I’m reading, but I don’t want to necessarily sit down with the article or game and review it in detail.

Feedback is greatly appreciated. Consider this my recommitting to  my blog and the frequency with which I set out to post. Summer is over (thankfully); time to get down to business!

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