Video Games Have Feelings Too


As I begin this journey into “professional” blogging, it’s important to me that I set for myself a few standards; criteria which will help focus my blogging. My primary goal in this endeavor, is to share my love of gaming and psychology with the world. Secondarily, I enjoy analytical discussions about media and entertainment. And so I’m going to break down video games into little tiny pieces, much like Titchener did during the days of structuralism, and figure out why the games are so popular, what they’re saying, and what effect they might have one those playing them (and no, I’m NOT talking about Craig Anderson’s research on aggression…).

I will strive for one game analysis per week, at the very least one per every two weeks. I will provide research citations, and links where possible, to the information I use in my analysis.

I’m very excited about feedback, and would love to hear what you think! If you have a game you would like me to analyze, drop me a comment and let me know.

Okay, I think that’s just about everything! Here we go!!

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